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(Re)Intro/Happy News. - Big IS Beautiful [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fat Acceptance

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(Re)Intro/Happy News. [May. 19th, 2005|12:35 am]
Fat Acceptance
[mood |tiredtired]

Hi all! I've been a member here since the creation of this community, but under a different name (clumsyxheart). I've started up a new journal, as part of my "fresh start" in life. But I thought a little re-intro might be in order. =)

My name is April, I'm 22 (Aries), and if I had to guess my weight, it'd be around 180lbs. I'm definitely not proud of my weight, it's something that peeves me a little everyday. I find dieting disturbing and not the route I want to go in for weight loss. Lately, I've been monitoring what I eat, how much I eat of it, and how often I eat. I eat what I want in moderation. No upsizing on meals at fast food places, no extras, and I try to eat just enough to fill me up and then I stop. I remember when anytime I went to a fast food place I wanted the large size, usually for the larger drink instead of food, but who really needs 32 oz. of soda to wash down a meal?? I've also started drinking less carbinated products and drinking more water, tea and juices.

In previous entries I've posted about how insecure I was with my body image. Lately, I'm dealing with it better, it still bothers me, but I don't look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I look like a cow either. For over a year now, I have been in search of a pair of men's jeans that fit me correctly enough to wear without looking ridiculous in hopes that if I move away from the women's style of jeans, I can find something more suitable to my size and shape. I realize they make women's jeans in larger sizes as well, but boy pants suit me better.

Anyway, I FINALLY found a pair today! I got them at Old Navy. ( These are the ones I got!) I thought I would wear a size 38 waist, but I've found that if I get a 40 then they sit as low as my girls jeans did and that's more comfy to me. It's ridiculously hard to find guys jeans in a 38 or 40 waist and a 30 length. Haha. Apparently, if you're fat, you're supposed to be tall! Anywho. They're extremely comfortable, not too baggy, and they don't extend five miles below my feet so I am happy!!!! I think they'll help me feel more comfortable with my size and my style.

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[User Picture]From: sh4ttereddre4ms
2005-06-19 03:32 am (UTC)
You are so right about guy's pants! I'll admit it, I'm a big girl but once I stopped trying to find women's pants that fit and flattered me and just went ahead and bought men's pants, I felt so much better about it and about me. Now, every morning when I get dressed, I don't turn around like a dog chasing its tail trying to see how I look and besides that, men's pants are waaay cheaper than women's!
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From: alwaysthewords
2005-06-19 04:20 pm (UTC)
Oh yes! I really really cannot express how much I love the fact that men's sizing is so ridiculously easy. If I wear a size in one brand, I'm highly likely to wear that size in another brand. With girls pants, I'd be an 18 in some, 15/16 in others...20/22 in others! Made me feel bad about myself.

And while, I still look at these men's pants and their size and think, "wow, do those really fit me? They're huge!" I can't really care too much because since purchasing them, I no longer freak when my pants have stayed in the dryer for the entire cycle, nor do I put them on and lay down to button the fly and then do "jean stretching" exercises to make them more comfortable.

I just toss them on and go. It's such a relief. Especially since this whole "metro" style is so popular, men's jeans are coming in shorter lengths and slimmer cuts!

And I bet I don't even have to tell you how great it is to have ALL of my personal belongings fit into my pockets!!!
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